About Us

Our story :
In 2019 I launched the Marché shoe label as a part of my mission to empower women and help them feel confident by providing them accessible and cruelty-free fashion with an early affiliation to shoes. My first pair is something I still hold dear. I am a  graduate of the prestigious Arsutoria School, Milan. I have also worked with factories to understand production for international brands and various fashion brands to develop their collections.



Each shoe is hand-crafted in India at various factories. From design to sketching on last, sample and production, every style is vigorously examined, tried, edited and retired. Thus, I created a footwear brand that blends ultra-feminine elegance with classic, unique silhouettes made from the finest vegan materials.



Our Brand
Marche symbolises “shoes made to live in.”It gets the name after the best shoemaking industry in Italy in the Marche region.
Marche also stands for the March that you will feel confident taking once you wear these shoes. The blue stands for loyalty by which the shoes will always stand by you
Our packaging is recyclable and we are always endeavouring to better ourselves. For any suggestions please drop us a mail.



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